Monday, November 16, 2015

inspired by turning LEAVES

I cannot help but notice the trees shifting in color.  The colors are changing from green to the most vibrant red, orange and yellow.  These harvest colors are intwined in the typical color story we think of for autumn.  However, I have been most intrigued by the in-between phase of these colors: green, yellow and orange.  It is a bit odd, but there is something atypical that I have grown fond of  during my drive to work last week.

autumn fall trees
Hood River, Oregon: Traveling Mom

I took a closer look at this trio, and realized they create an analogous color scheme.  This means they are three colors adjacent on the wheel: orange, yellow, green.  Mother Nature really knows what she's doing- Imagine that!

color wheel

So, here is my Mismatch Map to help you create a living room inspired by this leaf-turning color story:

My design begins with the sofa pillows (3).  Solid green velvet and a large-scaled yellow ikat pillows started things off with a punch of color.  The black and white geometric was the perfect modern touch  for some contrast.  Next I selected a light grey sofa (2) to be the perfect neutral backdrop for the pillows.  Are you trying to get cozy in that oversized Tulip Chair (8)?  I was a Home Stylist at West Elm Chicago a few years ago, and knew that was going to be the perfect chair- no search necessary! The orangey, cognac color leather has so much warmth to balance out the cool tone sofa.

interior design west elm pottery barn sofa chair

Time for a coffee table....  My first thought was a raw edge design, then a marble top round, but in the end I loved the natural wood tones of this carved table (6).  To balance, I wanted something crisp and white for the end table, and this papier-mache table (7) fit the bill to a T.   Then I started my search for a rug to pull the design altogether.  My luck was fading quickly for a green rug, and I felt that yellow or orange would disguise the beautiful wood work of the coffee table.  I'm so happy with the hand-drawn design of this rug (5).  It feels modern and ethnic at the same time, and really lets everything else in the room shine.  

Just a few last details...I was hoping for patterned drapery, but it felt too busy.   A pair of linen drapery panels (4) on an iron rod soften and frame the window nicely.  The industrial style of the adjustable floor lamp (1) ties in with the drapery rod, and reminds me of the lines in the rug.  And there you have it!

The warm golden tones are repeated three times in this design: pillow, coffee table and chair.  White and natural linen keep the room feeling light and bright for a modern twist on this season.  The balance of warm and cool tones give this MISMATCH autumn room longevity all year long.  



I kept my sources easy for this living room.  You can find all of these furnishings at West Elm and Pottery Barn.  

1. Chelsea Sectional Floor Lamp
2. Heath Sofa
3. Washed Velvet Lumbar Pillow, Yara Ikat Pillow, Dearsley Embroidered Pillow
4. Belgian Flax Linen Drape
5. Torres Wool Kilim 
6. Carved Wood Coffee Table
7. Papier-Mache Drum Side Table
8. Tulip Leather Chair

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