Wednesday, April 15, 2015

quiz my STYLE

Have you taken any of the style quizzes from my last post yet?  I was curious to try a few because I do know my style.  Right now I'm eclectic:  white walls, bold and neon colors, and a bit artsy with great textures. Let's see how accurate these results turn out to be!

Home Goods: Sassy with a touch of Boho
This photo identification quiz literally took about 10 seconds.  I've never considered myself sassy, but I do agree with their description of styling a room.

Sproost: Hmm that's odd
Hmm- these are not the best photos....Interestingly enough, the quiz could not identify my style, seriously?  Honestly, I'm not too surprised.  None of these images really grabbed me, but I did stay true to my style.  I did take it a second time, and half of the images were different, but unfortunately the same result!

Houzz: Transitional
Aww, I'm a bit disappointed...I was not very interested in these questions.  I wasn't even interested to finish the last 3 questions of the quiz, but I persevered.  I do like a transitional style, but I feel more eclectic and bold with color rather than neutral at this time.  However, they are right- I can't wait to have someone over and use my Kate Spade wedding china!

Style Maker: Old Money Extravagance
Well, I haven't heard this style on HGTV yet!  Some categories were better than others, but I like that most categories dealt directly to design or architecture.  While I don't connect to the name of the style, there are aspects that I like for my "forever home,"  but just not the look I'm going for right now.

Better Homes and Garden: Country French
Again, it has identified some motifs and details that I like but are not my current style.  I was able to identify with the categories in terms of my 'forever home."  I liked the mix of fashion and architecture questions.

Final thoughts?  The Home Goods quiz is the only one that I was able to identify something resembling my currently bold and eclectic style.  Sproost was the least helpful for the obvious reason that it could not draw any conclusion from my selections.  The remaining quizzes did retrieve style information about me in general.  The best quizzes were visual, not going through a list of questions.

I think that's enough for tonight.  I'd love to know your'e opinions~

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