Sunday, April 26, 2015


The hardest part about being an interior designer is having the time to design your own place.  I've been in Portland for 6 months and not one thing is hanging on the wall- so EMBARRASSING.  

I knew that I wanted to experiment with neon colors in a fun yet sophisticated way.  I pictured hot pink and highlighter yellow.  Finally, one day I came home after some speed walking on a nature trail and took a look at myself in the mirror and BAM.  I saw my color story: My yellow-green long sleeve shirt, and neon yellow straps from my grey sports top.  I was instantly energized by this combo.  I knew I wanted another color one more color, but wasn't sure what.  Then a few weeks later I just thought, navy blue OF COURSE.  What a great shade to ground these brighter colors with, right?  I really want the highlighter yellow to shine, but I'll have to use it in key accents so it is not overwhelming.

I love this MISMATCH of neutrals and neon.  The funny thing is now that I've made this inspiration board, I see that I've actually created an analogous color scheme.  Seriously?!  I never even thought about that when putting this together.  Generally, an analogous color scheme is calming because three colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.  However, since I've mismatched the hue, or intensity, of these colors there is a lot of contrast.  Portland has many gloomy days, so I wanted a color story with lots of energy, and that's exactly what contrast creates.

I can't wait to get some artwork up on the walls, and I hope to have some ideas to share with you soon.


Plant: Divine Caroline
Artwork: Wit & Delight
Sofa: West Elm
End table: Target

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