Wednesday, February 18, 2015

color study - WINTER: Part 2

Part 1 of my winter color study used cool colors as my base.  But I was thinking that winter is the perfect season to talk about an achromatic color scheme- Brr!

Black and white are complete opposites and display high contrast.  This dynamic duo looks very high fashion, sleek, architectural, bold, and eye-catching!

However, sometimes black and white can feel a bit cold, or harsh- have you noticed?  Grey is the perfect neutral in this achromatic scheme.  Playing with a variety of textures and finishes will also soften this harsh palette.  The proportion of colors used can also tone this down: 70/30, or even 90/10.

Visit my 'opposites ATTRACT' board on Pinterest to see more ideas how to use an achromatic scheme in your home.

So, for everyday living in my home, I would prefer the softer achromatic palette with lots of white or grey in comparison to a 50/50 of black and white.  Actually, my bedroom in Chicago was grey and white with a touch of black.  

What about you?  High contrast or a bit softer for a winter color palette in your home?



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