Monday, December 1, 2014

industrial & ethereal LIGHTS

Welcome to December!  (That means there's only one month until my birthday).

Let's see....December is about cold winter nights and sparkling lights.

I came across this pin on Pinterest about 6 months ago, and I fall in love with it each time I see in on my board statement PIECES.  They remind me of snowflakes falling from the sky.  Each piece is made of iron with a textile cord.   These geometric pendants are industrial, yet ethereal.  This collection is called Geometry Made Easy  by MIRCROmacro.  

Today I went to the MIRCROmacro website to see their other product lines.  Below is another featured collection called Con-Tradition.  These designs are inspired by the contradiction between contemporary materials and traditional Chinese forms.

Edison bulbs are the perfect lamp choice for these exposed fixtures- that last bit of sparkle.  The Edison bulb is clear with a visible filament.

I really appreciate the 'missmatch' design of these pendant fixtures.  One of the large fixtures would look like a piece of art in a foyer, casting shadows onto soft white walls.


All images: MIRCROmacro


  1. I love the con-tradition collection. I always enjoy a juxtaposition of old and new in design. I should add them to my Christmas wish list :) xx

    1. I actually found some ornaments that are so similar to these lights at CB2. I'll post a link for them too!


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