Sunday, November 16, 2014

color study - AUTUMN: Part 2

Good evening everyone~

I hope you're not blowing away in the whirling winds outside!

A few nights ago we talked about the most popular colors for autumn (read about it HERE).
Now take a seat, get ready and review Part 2 of the autumn color palette, featuring pumpkin orange:

-----     -----     -----

Well, these new palettes really mix up our usual red, orange and yellow fall leaf colors!  I think the addition of purple in these palettes adds some glamour and feminine flare to the usual hearty colors.

The triadic color palette is my favorite of the four theories we reviewed.  The hint of green is even more unexpected for autumn, and that's probably why I like it.   Surprised?

Thanksgiving is approaching sooner than you think.  Maybe you can feature your green bean casserole in a purple baking dish?  (I said MAYBE.....)

So, now which 'missmatch' color palette for autumn is your favorite?


Color wheel: toadfool


  1. I like the triadic color scheme. I think my favorite way is mostly green with some deep purple and a touch of orange. It's such a fresh color combination. Thank you for the inspiration xx

  2. Thanks for illustrating the choices for this season. I found it helpful to see the various combinations and realize how they were chosen. I always look forward to reading your blog.


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