Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 10 of 10 - WOW

Is it really September?

Summer may be over, but let's celebrate because we reached our goal!

Just to recap, in case you're missed the countdown, I set for a 10 in 10 Challenge , to reach 10 new "likes" on this Facebook page in 10 days.  As it turns out, I have counted 15 new "likes".  I'm so excited- thank you everyone!!

Mmmm this looks so here's the 'missmatch' idea for the night.  We all love confetti, but it's such a mess to clean up! (Darn those cute little decorations)  So, why not make them bigger, and hang them on the wall?  Love this idea!

To see this pin, and other party ideas visit my Pinterest board - let's CELEBRATE

I hope that you like what you see, and will continue to read more.  I feel a DIY coming on, so stay tuned :)

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And here's the link - Facebook Page - missmatch INTERIORS

Have a good night~


Photo: Sweet Style


  1. This is cause to celebrate! Thanks for all the colorful ideas.


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