Sunday, July 13, 2014

mustard for EVERYONE

Color is a great trick to unify items that are different shapes or styles.  Here is a grouping of a pillows, that I found from Crate & Barrel that would look great in any living room, despite their differences.

This mustard yellow pairs well with a taupe-grey, so imagine these pillows on a sofa of that color, and an accent chair in cream.  Let's start with the basics and talk about the solid color square pillow.  It may not have a print, but it does have visual texture with the grid-tufting.  Moving counter-clockwise, the circle and arc graphic design on the rectangle pillow is so modern and playful. This pillow has subtle pops of mustard.  Next I chose another square pillow, with a different design.  This pillow is modern with its color blocking, but a bit folksy because of the fringe/patchwork detail. I would recommend this pillow on the cream chair.  Lastly, I have crewel stitching on a mustard background.  This is the last design to round out this collection- it's a floral, organic design.  This is a nice way to bring in a feminine touch without being too "girly". We now have balance between geometric and organic, and solid and color blocking.  We also have balance with two square and two rectangle pillows.  But the most important unifying factor between these four styles is mustard yellow.  It harmonizes all four different styles.

No need for ketchup, because the 'missmatch' pillows of my Mustard for Everyone Collection has enough variety, but is still cohesive enough to enhance any living room.

PS- These would look great on my own sofa!



Mustard for Everyone Collection:

(First line, left to right)
- Geometric pillow - Crate & Barrel
- Color-blocked pillow - Crate & Barrel

(Second line, left to right)
- Tufted pillow - Crate & Barrel
- Crewel pillow - Crate & Barrel

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  1. When I think of the color yellow, I think of that bright yellow that’s used to create a glistening sun on a child’s menu. Mustard yellow in comparison is dirty and not typically a color I’d use to contrast other colors. However, after reading this I have a better appreciation of ‘mustard yellow’. I can now visualize that mustard yellow combined with patterns or textures, and/or an accent color can brightly adorn the right space. So, thanks for sharing and enabling those who have difficulty envisioning these types of possibilities.


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