Monday, July 28, 2014

marie antoinette's NIGHT OUT

So, last week I was able to show you some spaces with the Louis XVI chair that I found through Pinterest.  Couldn't you just spend your whole day pinning? (that's right- we're all guilty of "just one more pin...") Tonight I wanted to show you my take on a mix of the French Neoclassical style.  As usual, my collection morphed during my project- but that's what is so great about the creative process.  My intent was to design a breakfast nook with Marie Antoinette pastel blue, and ground it with a bit of army green and grey, and then pop in some teal.  It was going to be a nod towards Marie Antoinette's love for the garden and a more simple country life.  However- I took it in a total 180!

Welcome to my cocktail lounge...lets' start with the horizontal stripe wall covering.  These stripes automatically bring a bold, graphic statement to the space.    (This is actually what my duvet looks like).  It makes for a great backdrop because it's eye-catching, but not distracting.  Stripes were another popular fabric print, but in a vertical orientation.  I wanted to create some depth, and found this charcoal grey settee with tufting.  The nailhead detail on the wings add a bit of glamor, and the straight silhouette is a modern twist.  Settees gained popularity during this time, so I had to use one here.  Next, you need a place to set your cocktail, and these mirrored end tables are the perfect spot.  The bevels of the mirror remind me of fluting, and a balustrade around the table top.  These end tables will also add some sparkle to the space, and bounce light around in the dimly lit lounge.  It's not exactly Marie Antoinette blue- but it's inspired by her infamous color.  This teal, wood tray adds a pop of color, and I even like the white accessory paired with it.    It's good to repeat a theme three times in a space, so that's what I have done here.  The teal rose artwork on canvas is so seductive, and is a modern interpretation of a traditional floral bouquet. (Plus, it hints at the queen's love affair).  The third piece is this great string-wrapped pendant.  It adds more texture to the space, and is a bit unexpected.  Lastly, I layered in some more lighting.  This mid-century sconce is so handsome.  The black shade relates to the legs on the settee, and mixing metallics is a final touch of luxe.  

This Saturday night, put on your best pair of heels and go out for a cocktail with your ladies at my 'missmatch' French Neoclassical Lounge Collection.


Stripe wall covering - Spoonflower
Settee - Overstock
End tables - POPSUGAR
Tray - Etsy
Artwork - Pics & Photos
Pendant - POLYVORE


  1. You're welcome- it's such an easy tip to incorporate in your own home


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