Thursday, November 21, 2013

9 Hours Ago

I just wanted to share my day...

I met HGTV's Candice Olson!!!!

Wow, can that really be? Yes!  Last week I found out that Candice was going to be at the Kravet Showroom here in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart.  My boss had tried to rsvp for us, but the spots for  the presentation filled up in just two hours....My boss urged me to go and just see what happens, but I was nervous to do so.  However last night, I decided I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by- I mean if I was lurking in the showroom what were they going to do, throw me out? eesh, I hope not :p  So, I went out and bought a new book of her that focuses on kitchen and bath.

So, I got ready this morning and took the bus down to the Mart.  I always take the trains, but for some reason I decided to take a new route.  I arrived around 9:40 a.m. which I was hoping would be early enough to walk in like I had a reserved seat.  Since I never saw the actual invitation, I hurried up to floor six for the Kravet showroom, and as I approached who did I see?  Candice Olson!!  I was totally smiling, and a bit starstruck,  but was also very aware that the showroom was very, VERY empty.  I circled around looking for chairs, while Candice walked out in the meantime.  I was looking for a friend, and asked the showroom worker if the event was happening.  He said yes, the reception is here, but the presentation is on the fourteenth floor.  Go go GO!

I took the elevator, walked to the far FAR end of the hallway, and saw people gathering.  Then I saw people handing over little paper, like a ticket and I got nervous.  On adrenaline I continued in and realized people were just dropping business cards in a bowl- phew!  I slowly walked in looking for a friend I saw downstairs, until I was almost in the front- so I snagged a seat in the 4th row- woohoo!  Then I saw my friends from ASID and moved into the 3rd row- even better!

Candice Olson was just as free spirited and genuine as she is on television.  She told us about her business and how she got pulled on to tv- just an accident, really...but a good accident! Her presentation was full of "before and after" photos of projects she has completed over the years.  The main topic was about Contrast.  The contrast between colors (light and dark), materials (modern and natural), and finishes (matte and glossy).  She also stressed the importance of great lighting, which is of no surprise.  Candice's spaces are always glimmering and highlighting features.  With great lighting a $3 fabric can show as a $300 fabric.  The last concept was how to create a timeless and elegant space.  Even a modern design needs something old and familiar.  It brings warmth to the room, and contrast in style.

She also shared the design inspirations for her fabric line at Kravet- a best selling licensed line at Kravet, btw.  Her inspiration comes from fashion and classic pattern, then she stylizes it for modern day and adds a twist of sparkle for some "glint".

After the presentation, I met up with 2 co-workers to go to the reception for the meet and greet.  We walked in, and took out our books to get signed.  Then, Candice walked right by us and said, "Oh, would you like me to sign those for you?"  "Yes!!!!!"  How perfect was that? I thought we would have to wait in line for half an hour.  In my moment with her I just said how I've loved watching her show over all the years, and how she's been a great inspiration.  Then we followed her down a ways to take our photo together :D


Candice is so much more than a tv personality- she is an amazingly skilled designer and entrepreneur.  Her shows air in 147 countries around the world because her classic elegance with a fresh interpretation can be appreciated by all.

I'm so glad I got to take advantage of this opportunity- and yes, she is just as tall as she is on tv :) husband even surprised me at the Mart to share my excitement

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  1. I was excited for you because I know you would truly enjoy this event- and you did!


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