Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fabric to Drapery

This project was completed 2 weeks ago, but I just had to share it with you.  The drapery fabric is the inspiration for the whole Living Space.  I bought it with my husband the 2nd day we moved to Chicago.  Yes, that means it's been in my closet for 7 months!  I was planning to start the apartment furnishing till after my wedding, but I just couldn't risk missing this fabric.  And good thing I didn't- the fabric store sadly closed last month...

My friend helped me make the first panel, and my husband with the matching panel.  Though timely, the execution of the project was fairly easy.  I don't own a sewing machine, yet, so I used Stitch Witchery.  This is a product that is a tape of glue webbing.  You place it between two pieces of fabric, lay a damp towel, and iron- the steam activates the glue.  If you don't have a second pair of hands to help you, I suggest using pins to align the face fabric and the lining.

This was a great process, not only did the iron adhere my fabric and lining, but it creased my hems perfectly.  I was able to replicate the first panel to a T- I'm so impressed.  The fold on the top zigzag creates a black upside down triangle, and the bottom has a small grey triangle.  Getting the edges precise was important with this horizontal pattern, because a slant would be easy to spot.  For example, a organic floral pattern would have some flexibility.

These are stationary side panels to the frame the window- they do not open and close.  The style is Flat Panel with Rings.  I paired the drapery with a black rod, black ring-clips, and gold finials.  I love the finished product!

Here is a "sneak peak" at my Interior Idea:


                                                  Drapery Panel 1


  1. That iron-on tape can be a crafter's lifesaver. Glad it worked so well.

  2. I am not a man that can visualize the finished product of a blank canvas but this interior idea has come a long way! Job well done thus sofar.


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