Monday, December 10, 2012

Archive, Organize, Layout

Now that the Floor Plan has been finalized, it's time to turn my direction to these empty walls!

I am planning to design a large collage with my existing picture frames that I have accumulated over the years.  Any guesses how many that is?  I'd never fathom it, but I have 30 picture frames- oy vey!  I made an archive of each frame: frame #, photo reference, dimensions, frame color.  I also put a Post-it on each frame with its corresponding frame # to stay organized.

To avoid making your wall look like swiss cheese- design a layout!  At a store you may have seen that you can buy a collection of frames, and it will come with a large wall template. Well, I'm going to design my own- of course.  Below you will see that I drew the South Wall Elevation:

Then, I drew each frame and labeled it with its frame #.  If I have multiples of a certain frame, I labeled it  20a, 20b, 20c, etc.  Now I have a clear visual of what I have to work with.  This will make it much easier and enjoyable to work on.  The next step will take some trial and error, but that is just part of the design process.  My goal is for the layout to be asymmetrically balanced, but we'll see how it goes!    Just do the grunt work of sorting through your boxes first- you'll be glad you did!

My idea is to highlight a collection of photographs from our road trip to Chicago this summer.  We took photographs in each state we passed through: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and finally Illinois.

I have a set of 6 white square frames, 4 black rectangle frames, and another 2 black rectangle frames.
Using these sets of frames will highlight the Road Trip Collection among other photos in smaller, individual frames.  The consistency in size and colors make it a cohesive collection.

Stay tuned for some of my Interior Ideas for the photo collage- wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks. I'll give this a try. Keep the ideas coming!


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